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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Chickens and kids, Kids and Chooks - together again for a few hours today.  Scampering feet, little hungry mouths and squawking - and I wasn't describing the hens.  Libby was in 'chicken heaven' with our birds and my friend Kathys birds combined...she hung out with them while we sipped coffee, chatted and I of course, took my usual million pictures!

  And I gotta say, Kathy is one of the most chilled out and just super nice people to be around.  Nothing fazes her, not Vanessas wicked stories, my zooming in and out in front of her face with my camera, (well not really - I used a prime lens), or my kid whipping her clothes off and jumping in her pool on a whim.  She always manages to bring out some wonderful baked good and she's a great listener.  I hope that she knows that even though I have my face behind my Canon baby most of the time, I am actually listening to her too! ;)

I managed to step away from the camera for a few minutes, but not before my mate Vanessa had it pointed at me!  And you know what?  After the initial shock and my usual natural reaction of trying to run from the lens as fast as I can - I was actually quite pleased to have a few pictures of Lulu and I together - it's not like its a common occurrence!

Mmm, she's quite handy with the camera.  Not to self;  Take Vanessa everywhere with me from now on, so that I will have reminders one day that I was actually there, every step of the way...

And, this is her....she'll love me for this! Mwaaa haaa haaaaa!!!

Ahhh yes, revenge is SWEET!!! I'll getcha next time Kathy! ;)

And my lovely Libby had such a nice time, that she woke up asking if we could go and hang out with friends there again today, tomorrow and every day after that...you up for it Kathy?

Cheers to friends! xx

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  1. Hey, Rachel from CM's... can I just say that I absolutely ADORE the picture of your little girl with the chicken!!!!! hahaha The rest of the pictures are beautiful too but that one made me laugh out loud, its something about the way their heads are tilted that just makes it an AMAZING picture in my eyes! Well done :)



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