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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Green Chair

It's been heavy, heavy heavy here lately.  So many decisions, so many things weighing on our hearts.  And with no real bright light appearing at the end of the tunnel just yet, I've been trying to create my own light.  And it doesn't matter how dim the light or how small the spark, because with a bit of nurturing and tending, it can become a roaring fire in no time.
So I'm not panicking about life.  I'm not sweating the big stuff, the scary stuff, I'd rather just keep on blowing those sparks and seeing where it takes me.

Today it took me to the most fun photo-shoot I've ever done.  Fun because I had a willing subject, and fun because I love spending time with this little one.  She was off to a school camp soon after this, and I treasured the time that we spent together, knowing that one of my little fires would be glowing slightly dimmer without her around for a few days.

She had me in giggles, as I followed her skinny legs hauling my beloved chair to the trees with it over her back, like a little turtle.  Oh the things that we do for art! I think she gets it though, she doesn't roll her eyes at my 'ideas' quite as much as the others!

My sentimental lovely green chair is now back in Lucys room, where it lives and where it will stay for a while.  I don't own any possession, (apart from my camera), that I love more then I do my sweet Grandpas chair.  I wonder if somewhere, somehow, he sees how I love it, and what he would think of the little angel who sat upon it with her curly dark hair and her old fashioned smile.  And that right there is another little light of a memory to keep me fueled for the rest of the day!

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  1. This photo shoot is absolutely breathtaking! Love it! :D



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