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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nine Again

Just a quiet small blog this weekend, because it's been a quiet kind of a few days.

Friday was a good day.  Libby and Barny came home, after almost 7 weeks in the UK.

Lucy put on her shoes and sat by the door about 30 mins before we were ready to leave, she was so excited to be going to see her Brother and Sister.

 It was really good to see them both again.

Our open house wasn't as open as we'd like - in fact, not a soul came, not one tiny little person.  Bit gutted,  but we still managed to look on the bright side - a spotless and sparkling house, leaving us free to enjoy the remainder of our Saturday and most of Sunday just chilling out.  Ahhh, relax....

And then there was the pool...not sure what we'd do without it.   In the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, I can't begin to describe how ridiculously humid it is here.  I feel as though I'm living in a caravan that's surrounded by a swamp.  The air feels thick and heavy with water, the kids walk around with beads of sweat on their foreheads, the little girls curls have coiled up even tighter, if that's possible and the temperature is barely dropping now even at night. 

Oh well, at least my garden is looking nice :)

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