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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elefun & Flutterbyes!

The latest and greatest obsession in the Wood household at the moment is blue, it has a plastic trunk and spurts out coloured paper butterflies all over the place.  Its been an on/off love for years but right now, it gets taken out of the box every single day.....

Hours of fun are spent, refilling the little blue body, replacing the trunk and then watching the butterflies spurt out of the top and flutter down, as they try to catch them with their nets....Poppy's serious little face, as she tries so hard to get them into the net, and her big grins when her efforts pay off, and Lucy looking like a little drunken elf, as she staggers around looking more like she's swatting flies...

And if my kids have taught me anything, it's that doing things the conventional way is vastly overrated, and sometimes (actually pretty often), it's much more fun to improvise.  

Who said elephants needed trunks anyway!!!

And it was a pretty good distraction, because today Daddy left our home again for another few days and as always, it was hard to say goodbye!

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