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Monday, October 18, 2010

What's the Story, Sister?

And there is a story.  Its been unraveling itself for a while now, and becoming more and more clear.  Here is it.

This girl is effervescent. The one with the long strawberry-blonde curls, the one with the gorgeous big eyes and the perfect lips - well she's bubbly and silly, she's happy and fun.  She thinks she's in charge but I can tell you, that's not the way it is.

Oh, she can be strong and determined, even a little stubborn sometimes.  And she has no idea yet, but she's not in charge.  Not anymore.  

This little girl is adorable.  The one with the loose blonde curls, the one with her Mamas expressions and a little button nose - well she's quiet and shy, she's kooky and loud.  She knows she's in charge and that is the way it is.

She can wind her big sister around her little finger, and does so on a daily basis.  She has already learnt how to be the boss without anyone noticing.   Slowly but surely, she's crept her way up, to the position of authority - and is heard by all.  Clever little thing, she is!

It had to happen.  One of these girls had to rule.  For the sake of Ying and Yang, for the sake of world wide peace on earth in the Wood household, one of them had to set the pace.

 It's just been a bit of a surprise, which one of them it was.

Two halves of one perfect whole.  My little forthright one, taking the lead, just one tiny step ahead.  And my little protector, nurturing and watching, hand held out to steady.

Will it always work this smoothly?  Will it always be sweetness and light?  Ha, I'd be kidding myself if I thought that.  These two will, no doubt, have some hum-dingers along the way...but oh it is soooo blooming lovely at the moment. And in a hectic household of many different personalities all trying to find their place, I am so embracing this!

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