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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gentle Days!

Just chillin today....with my girl.  I love these days with her alone, just the two of us. We do stuff.  We hang out and she's so very funny.

The quirkiest sense of humour for such a little doll, and the dirtiest laugh I've ever heard from an eighteen month old!

At the moment she's into blueberries and raisons in a big way...although I think she's developing a thing for potato chips.  I've had to bungee shut the cupboards, or she'll pull out packet after packet, toddle over to me and with the biggest grin on her face say 'I wanna yummies, yeah?'  And I watch her little face fall as I prize them out of her hot little hands and put them away again.  'No Lulie, no sharp crispies for you, sorry'.  I know she thinks I'm so mean!

She's not an inside girl at all...I just know she wants to be in the heart of the world, hanging out inside our house for too long, doesn't cut it!
 I can only take so much of her gazing longingly out of the window...before I cave and we go off exploring the usual places in the garden...

Well that's more like it..

I can't imagine being in my garden without this little shadow anymore.  The only place where she won't cling onto me, or want me to pick her up.  The freedom entices her and she's happy to become her alter ego, 'Lulu the Brave'.

But even this little munchkin can have too much of a good thing.  As naptime approaches, she gives it away that it's time to go inside, and curl up in her cot for an hour or so, ready for the next garden adventure.

'I'm not tired Mummy, really I'm not!'
And as with most beautiful things, there is another story here...

....Sweet vintage top, curtesy of my friend Robyn, lovingly passed down from her little sweetie, Lila, previously owned by my mate Melissas little darling, Mia.  And beautiful flower clip made by my other talented friend, Andrea!  Lucy and I love them, so thank you. And Meg tells me that little  Zo is next in line for this piece of clothing...brilliant!

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