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Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Skies

Where fountains sing and many waters meet,
October comes with blossom-trammelled feet.
She sheds green glory by the wayside rills
And clothes with grace the haughty-featured hills.
This is the queen of all the year. She brings
The pure chief beauty of our southern springs.
Fair lady of the yellow hair! Her breath
Starts flowers to life, and shames the storm to death;
Through tender nights and days of generous sun
By prospering woods her clear strong torrents run;
In far deep forests, where all life is mute,
Of leaf and bough she makes a touching lute.
Her life is lovely. Stream, and wind, and bird
Have seen her face – her marvellous voice have heard;
And, in strange tracts of wildwood, all day long,
They tell the story in surpassing song.
by Henry Kendall (1839-1882)
Australian writer

It's dazzling and true, the colour of the Australian sky.  It holds multi-coloured vibrant winged birds, and on cloudy days, little puffs of cotton drifting lazily from left to right.  It's one of the great wonders that rock my world, and no matter how long I live here, it's not something that I could ever take for granted.  

Aside from the glorious sun, the days spent by the sparkling pool and the weird and wonderful nature that surrounds us, I think the sky is the thing that excites me the most.  I wish I could grab a little piece of it for everyone and post it to them.  

I can share it with this little girl though, I can watch her run under it, play and sing.  She's not aware of it, its just part of her everyday, this sky that I love.  But I did ask her today, 'what's the best thing about the Australian sky?' 

Her answer, "Umm, it's blue".    Yep, can't argue with that! ;)

And my second favourite most lovely Australian thing about October...our Jacaranda Tree!

Sitting underneath it and playing with it's lilac petals is also quite appealing for this little November flower.

Hurray for Australia and all of her October skies!

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