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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For you, Joe!

This is for you Joe, because I finally took some photos of you that you liked enough to ask me to make my desktop picture.  Because you struggle every day with confidence, and because you are the most sensitive little boy soul that I know.

I love your face, I love your thoughts and dreams, I love your kindness, I love you inside and out...and I'm so happy that these pictures made you smile!

And also because your Daddy is away, and he misses you too.  This is for you David.
Your Son wants me to tell you that he's doing a great job looking after me while you're away and that he's taken to reading a book each night, 'just like Daddy' whilst snuggled up on your side of our bed before he goes to sleep.

If I could capture this little face and bottle these moments with my boy forever, I would!

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