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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just one more....Freddo Frog

Something I hear often during the day.  When she's sad, when she falls over, when she misses her Daddy or just when it feels like the 'right' time.  Just one more Freddo Frog, please.  You see, the constant and ongoing food battle is something that I come across in my world every day.  Teaching them to eat better and to choose the healthier options. It's not always easy but it's part of my job, or that's how I see it.  And sometimes, now and then, they are allowed a few vices, just like the rest of us!

  My kids have had their favourite treats over the years, and it's depended on where they are in the world.  In England it's Cadburys milk chocolate buttons, in the States its Milky Ways Little Stars and in Oz, it's Freddo Frogs.  I guess they really love their chocolate!  Poppy in particular, has a passion for them and I actually have to limit her intake, or she'd probably live on them.  Nom Nom Nom!!

Today as usual, I heard the familiar.. 'Oh Mummy, just one Freddo Frog, please'....and who could resist that sweet little angelic face, with all that naughtiness hidden behind it? Obviously not me...

It amuses me, watching her eat one of these, and all the expressions of pure delight in that transparent little face!

Ahh, Heaven in the shape of a small brown frog with a silly name!

And who is this with a Freddo in their grubby little hands?

Ahh, she's learning from her big Sister..

Although I think she might need a few lessons in unwrapping it first!

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