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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seventeen Sweet Months!

That's how long my little Doll has been in my arms.  And, literally - that's pretty much the way it's been.  My little look-alike has been glued to me from the moment she was placed into them.  She and I, we're a team.  She's happier now then she was, to spend up to 20 minutes at a time away from my side, but that's about as long as she'll go before she comes toddling over to me, for some more 'dat dat'.  Or just to to be picked up, to  lay her sweet soft curls on my shoulder for a moment or two,  and to feel safe and secure in her position of Mamas little shadow.   She's determined, stubborn, happy, funny, crazy, kooky, emotional and sweet all rolled into one.  She has a low husky little laugh that is extremely infectious and a little crooked smile, just as I used to have as a child. 
She's not me though, she's more confident, more goofy,  more chilled and I'm so very glad of that.  I hope that as the years roll by, I can continue to make her feel safe, all the while giving her the confidence to be who she is,  and who she will become.  It's like watching a beautiful portrait being painted before my eyes...each day is a new brush stroke, a fresh streak of light, a different shading, another detail added.  It's amazing.  She's amazing.

Such a busy little Bee she was in the garden today.  She loves the feel of the grains of sand between her fingers, and mixing it up in her bucket.

Why can't time be kept hold of just a little longer?  Why is it so bitter-sweet to watch my last little one become less and less of a baby every day?

I'm so proud of you little one, I'm so very thankful to have you in my life.  I'm so very grateful to be your Mummy.  You are my little wonder baby Lucy, and I just hope that I can let go of you gracefully, one day!

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