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Friday, September 3, 2010

Biff in the Burbs

This is our second year of attending Biff in the Burbs, and it's just such a fun evening for the kids. Free outdoor cinema, popcorn, and a bouncy castle.   This year it was at our old stomping ground, the Brookfield Showground and Ice Age 3 was playing.  Huge picnic blankets were spread on the ground, yummy food was shared and passed around and kids were snuggled under blankets. 

My lovely friend Vanessa and I drove down there in convoy, dropping David off at the busstop on his way to Brissie to watch the Broncos, with my lovely friend Vanessas equally lovely Hubby, Gerard.  Hope they find their way home from the pub ok.....Mmm, maybe, I should have slipped the directions for the way home into his pocket...

I wasn't surprised when I had to leave an hour before the others....there's only so much fun a 17mth can take - and Lucy had come to the end of hers after a little while.  She did love racing around with the bigger kids though, and trying to sneak her way onto the bouncy castle when nobody was looking.

All tucked up in their beds now, and my lovely Daisy-Woo has just walked in the door, after her Yr 7 Canberra trip.  She's been talking non-stop since she flopped herself down on the sofa, and her voice is almost gone now, so I've packed her off to bed.  Night night crazy ditsy blonde girl of mine, sweet dreams! Night night tired sleepy little ones...sleep well and give your Mama a lovely lie-in will you please?

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