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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling Blue?

Are ya?  Well I am! :)  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a healthy obsession with duck egg blue, especially in the kitchen.  I gravitate towards it in the isles, where I'm sucked into shops and feel compelled to pick up every single object in it, of this colour.  I have been known to become obsessed with certain things, (mugs, washing powder, shampoo, to name but a few), and this colour is a definite obsession.  The duck egg blue theme, actually runs throughout my entire house, and still I crave more.. I also love retro, massively,.and the more retro the object - the better!  I would wear purple with orange paisley on it, just because it throws me back into the 60's/70's.  And yes, I was there in the 60's - barely and by the skin of my teeth, but still....

So, imagine my absolute delight when I stumbled across this little beauty a few weeks ago.

 Are you kidding me?? Duck egg blue and washing powder, two obsessions rolled into one!   Do you know how many times I walked into that laundry room, just to keep looking at this thing?  Well, I'm not gonna tell you, and you probably won't guess, thank goodness!  
 I love that I've been able to add another 'special' to my growing collection...

Just a  taster of the state of my kitchen, and I want to at least appear a little on this side of normal, so I'll stop there...but oh just have one more look....

Ok, I'm done!  No more pictures of laundry powder tins, I promise, I'm really not that obsessive.  In fact, I'm also very laid back, so much so that this little piece of genius writing is completely and utterly written about me..

I have been known to 'hide' the Christmas presents on the bottom of the ironing pile! They never get found, and even I forget where they are!

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