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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today, it was love...

Lucy has finally managed to master the steps to our secret garden.  The garden at the top, hidden away by bushes and trees, that she's been desperate to get to since forever.  Usually she holds tight onto the hand of one of her siblings to get to the top, but today she went solo and was so proud of her little self.  So proud in fact, that her little smiley face  looked  almost effervescent with joy.  Up and down she went, teetering at the top on occasion in a way that would have had her Daddy running to 'save her'.  But she didn't need saving, and she certainly didn't want it either.  The couple of times that I reached out a hand to steady her, it was firmly pushed aside and the determination of her expression, making it quite clear that she was fine and dandy without her Mamas help, thanks very much..

This is often the view, as I run to keep up with her, such an independent little lady, this one. 

She may look like me, but I'm pretty sure she's no shrinking violet, thank goodness for that!

Tiredness got the better of her eventually, and I swapped one little minx, for a couple of others....

Joseph, Poppy & the Bounce!

How I love days like this.  Days where they play for hours and hours, shrieking with joy, giggling, thinking up new games, dreaming up new dreams, it's just....sparkly and beautiful...

'Oh don't watch, Mummy' Joey says as he finally notices me!  'No, no, I'm not - I'm just playing with my camera, don't take any notice of me, you just carry on', I reassure him....but he's already back into the game and pays me no attention...

Swinging eachother round and around, they giggle until they both get hiccups, and Poppys hair is a big ball of electric fluff!

How much longer will days like this last, I wonder.  What age will my boy be when he becomes more aware of what other people think.  How old will he be when that age gap becomes too wide, and playing with his younger sister won't be 'cool' any more.  I am dreading that day....I don't want this to end.  As he approaches 8, I can't help thinking that we might be on borrowed 'Joey and Poppy' time.

My two little eccentric ones.....how I love them so.  And how I love days like today, when it's just love!


  1. beautiful as always...wish you could come take pics of my boy!

  2. Cassandra - I would love to take pics of your sweet boy...maybe one day! :)



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