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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello Ice Lollies!

It's that time of the year again, when it's almost, almost feeling like Summer again.  The temporary evening heaters have gone back into storage, the wheat bags are no longer warmed for the cool nights and the lightweight sweaters have been folded and put to the back of our wardrobes.

"Hello" shorts and t-shirts,  "Hello" loose flowy long skirts and cute tank tops, "Hello" swimming pool, "Hello" ice-lollies, and "Hello" Sun!

I won't lie to you - I'm scared for my sanity...for all the moments over the next few months, when I know the heat will crank up a few more degrees every week, and I will struggle.  At some points this year, just walking from the house to the car will be a major operation.  I will have to throw blankets over the kids car seats, just so that they don't get so hot that the buckles burn their skin.  I will have to run fast from the pool to the house, in order to not burn my feet in just that short distance, and I will be less tolerant on the really really hot days, when the air con has been on constantly, and doesn't seem to make a dent in the heat and humidity.

But then there are days like these...when the pool will be at our fingertips -when the children squeal with joy and splash in it from sunrise, to sunset.  When all I see are little bodies in bright coloured swimsuits, and smell that tropical coconut smell after slathering them all in sunscreen. When we wake to the warm sun streaming in through our blinds.  When there are rainbow coloured ice-lollies everywhere....

And little people running around in summer dresses, sandals, and humidity dampened curls!

One thing for sure - it's gonna be a scorcher!  :)

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