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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Warm Balmy Winter Days!

Winter in Oz is amazing, I think.  The weather is absolute perfection.  Think cool Mediterranean summer days, or warm English spring days, where the gentle rays of the sun feel as comforting on your skin as cupping your hands around  the perfect cup of tea. We wake up chilly, pull on our 'cooler weather gear', i.e. socks, and maybe a cardi over our usual Aussie winter uniform of Jeans and t-shirts, only to strip off the the extra layers as the day progresses...

David spent the day cleaning the carpets with a rented cleaner today and I took the opportunity of capturing a few moments of outside weather perfection, while the girls were wiling the day away..
Poppy is one of the most expressive little girls that I know....

And Lucy watches every single thing that her sister does, and emulates her....it's the sweetest thing to see, it just pulls at my heart strings......

I don't know how many more perfect Oz Winter weather days are left, but when they are gone, I'll be left with these two lovelies and a whole summer of poolside fun, and swimming lessons....bring it on!!

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