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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Daughters Request

My little Poppy Princess, Poptart, Poopy, Pops, Poppy Doppy, she is a tender little flower sometimes.  Her Daddy has only been home a few weeks, and she is just beginning to centre her little self again, to get used to the idea that he's home. It's so hard on all the kids, but on a 4.5yr old, somehow it seems just downright cruel.  I watch her little face, big saucer eyes, and trembling lip whenever he leaves the house, and each time a little piece of my heart breaks with hers.  She runs around the house checking to see that he's still here, calling him and the panic on her little face if he's not there, is the saddest thing to see.  She's like a little fairy, so tiny, weightless, with her candy floss hair, husky voice and sweet heart shaped face.
She's had one request, before her Daddy leaves again this weekend.  She wanted a picture of them together, so that she could see him hugging her every day, even if she couldn't really hold him tight.  She gives the tightest, most passionate cuddles I've ever known a little girl to give, she puts all her might into crushing you with her tight, tiny little arms, and when you've been Poppy hugged - you know it!   I know that Poppy hugs are one of the things that her Daddy will miss the most.
So, yesterday, we made her request a reality and I did the best that I could to do them both justice.  They are framed and ready to be hung, Daddy's last 'todo' before he leaves us early tomorrow morning.

I've looked at these pictures over and over while editing them and choosing them, and I honestly don't think I'll ever be able to look at them enough, even though they'll be hanging on my wall.  And when Poppy feels extra sad, we'll look at them together,  while I'm giving her one of her Poppy hugs!

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