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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthdays and Besties

What a great idea to celebrate a Birthday Party during the week.  Few of us Mamas think to do it, and we have to organize and arrange party capers amid the usual weekend shenanigans, but my sweet friend Vanessa chose to celebrate her daughters on a Tuesday.  It was perfect.  And none of the fancy stuff either.  Just a fantastic circus style tent, a climbing frame and a bunch of princesses who see each other twice a week at Kindy for the whole day.  They frolicked, they laughed, they gave each other big old bear hugs, licked their sticky cupcake fingers and they played beautifully together... 
The Birthday girl in the middle, Annabel left, Kenzie right.
Ella, Annabel, Tara, Kenzie and Poppy
And as the excitement escalated, there were the inevitable tears...they didn't last long and Poppy was there to give her bestie a few birthday cuddles to help cheer her up..
Happy Birthday Tara - we think you're pretty special! xx

And Poppy wants you to know that she loves you, 'as much as bear-bear' :)

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