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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daisy Kate turns 12

She thinks she's older, but she's only turning 12, this girl of mine.  She's a little bit of everyone, and a whole lot of herself.  She's the ditsy-est, dreamiest, 12 yr old on the face of the planet and she's turning out alright.  I'm actually pretty impressed, and she can make a fantastic cup of tea - I'm serious, that's a great quality, right there!

Under all that pre-teenage angst, there is a sweet, compassionate caring little soul emerging.  She makes me want to scream, laugh and hug her all at the same time.

I love that she still looks to me for direction, reassurance and advice.  I love that she still walks forward while looking backwards, and trips over her feet.  I love the way she gabbles on and on, barely taking a breath in her excitement to get her words out.  I love that she's still very much a Bambi - just on the first journey of her teenage years, with all the naivety of a such a young fledgling.

But mostly, I just love her.

I hope that she always has a little of the ditsy in her.  I hope that I always look at this sweetheart and see part of the little girl that she still is today.

So don't grow too fast Darling, just keep being you because you're our special Daisy-Woo and we wouldn't change a bar of you.

Oh and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xxxx

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