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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Little Twirls!

When did this happen?  When did my two little girls grow up so fast?  How did I miss this - the blonde one is almost the same height as the dark one.

 The gap has narrowed, in more ways then one and as I prepare for the youngest to join her sister at High School soon, I can't help but wonder where the years have gone. When did this sweet little goofy thing turn into this beauty?

 And when did this this little angel become such a wise and lovely young Woman?

 Some days, it just works.  Some days, it's the best feeling being a Mother, watching your children interact with eachother.   You have to grab these moments, especially with teens, because they come and go.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching these two....

Gabsie and Daisy.  They are so very different.  They are like chalk and cheese, rather then carrots and peas.  One is compassionate, intuitive and serious, the other is frivolous, cute and funny.  Some days they are like one of a half, that when put together, fits beautifully.  That was today.

I look at them together, and it makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time.  This was me and my sisters once.  My girls will always have eachother.  They will share memories, stories, laughter, heartache and sadness. They will be forever linked.  And if I'm very very lucky, I'll get to share some of their memories too, as I did today. 

This is the stuff that dreams are made of.  This is the stuff that I treasure, that I will never take for granted.

Thank you girls for being you, for making your Mama happy, and still being little once in a while!

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