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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Growing Stuff!

Summer has arrived and the sleeping garden is waking up.  It needs some work though, so David has been busy in it, pruning, cutting, tidying, gravelling, and sweating a LOT!  Hard work pays off though, it's starting to look really good and the grass is nice and green once again.

The girls are in their coop, they're loving it, and their cute little run...

 So again today, we found ourselves perusing the Garden Centres, dreaming of water features, mediterranean pots, fruit trees and exotic flowers.  And it's a funny thing, but you know you're really a grown up when you like going to places like this, instead of dragging around behind your parents..as you used to.

We ended up buying a few plants that swung both ways, which Daisy found highly amusing!

And Lucy took Auntie Ginny for a paddle in a pretty water fountain..

I think my favourite plants today were these - very Austin Power-esque! They totally floated my 'all things hippy' boat!

I wanted this - so it's firmly bookmarked for another time..

There was also enough time to view a few things small and furry, and a few more things, wet and swishy...

I could spend a long time in these places, and I really liked this little iron feathered guy..

Lucy wanted a colourful windmill...well, ok, maybe I did! ;)

Yes, I think I could work in a place like this...

Looking forward to many more days of perusing the garden centres and growing stuff...

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