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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After dragging my sweet girl into the garden today, to test the different settings on my camera, using the morning light, I managed to get a few nice pictures of her.  She wasn't too willing, although eventually obliged, with much eye rolling and sighing.  She would barely look at the end result and I see I have produced a daughter, about as confident as her Mother.  It's a shame, because its something that I've struggled with for years, and I wouldn't wish it on any of my children - but I think in this case, genetics have ruled.  Perhaps too, a little of it has rubbed off as she's watched me fight the big confidence fight.  One day I hope that she will understand exactly what she is, and manage to hold her head up and be really proud of it. 

And Ssshh!  Please don't tell her that I posted these, I'll be in so much trouble! ;)

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