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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brand New Baby!

She's here, and I can breathe again.  Its been a tough few weeks, with no working camera to keep my spirits up.  I actually think I'm a camera-aholic!  I think I need to take myself down to a Camera's Anonymous meeting and declare my addiction, once and for all.  And how liberating it is to get my hands on such a nice piece of equipment.  Granted - I'm still learning, just getting a feel for her, but she's really quite spectacular.  The lenses are good, but not the best, and I'm now saving up for my 50mm, after which I will, (hopefully) relax and enjoy the ride....

So here are a few of my first test/trial pictures...not too shabby for a first time!

My cute widdle puddy tat!

And of course, I couldn't just stop short, at one of the little girls that I had kicking around the house today...

And here we are, the two of us...it was love at first sight - my brand new baby and me!

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