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Friday, July 30, 2010


....and free stuff.  We all love free stuff, and quite frankly, this big family needs to find the free and the beautiful things in the world.  The things that are so simple, you don't think of them.  My kids don't need big holidays,  they don't need expensive presents.  They don't need anything too much.  Just a bit of time, energy and attention.  They would trade all they had for a few hours of board games in the evening with Mama and Daddy.  They would pass up all the theme parks in Australia for a day at the beach.  They would say 'no thanks' to McDonalds, for a family picnic in the garden.  They would take free every time, and thank goodness for it, because with our 'Waltons' sized family, we couldn't afford life any other way.

Last weekend we took ourselves off to a park that we had heard about.  There was a 'free' petting zoo there, we were told, and it sounded just up our street.  Unfortunately, it was my mistake for not understanding that it wasn't just a 'lone Zoo' amid a park.  When we arrived, to our horror, there was a huge Fair, with rides and stalls, lots of things to buy and do.  We traipsed our kids through the middle of it, $6 a ride and only about $5 in our pockets - nightmare!  We couldn't find the petting Zoo amidst all the activity and  David was all for hot-footing it as fast as he could out of there... we almost did.  But then it occurred to us, the park!  The whole reason that we had decided to come, was still here, and it was free.  So we stayed, the kids played I think they had more fun then they would have had for the 1.5 minute ride that cost $6 each.

I'd like to say that we all went home, satisfied with our 'free' - but in actual fact, David couldn't quite shake the 'guilt' and ended up treating them to a Daddy date night at the cinema too.  Once in a while is fine though, and Shrek 4 is really cool! :)

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