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Friday, July 23, 2010

April Babies & Little Mothers

The number ten is a very important and special number to me.  My little tiny, brand new elf-ling sister was born when I was ten years old.  I remember it as though it were yesterday.  The anticipation as we watched our Mothers belly grow and actually thought she might pop, and the agony of the wait, the day she went into the hospital.  My first gaze at her, my first hold as I cradled this tiny little piece of perfection in my arms, her shock of dark thick hair and sweet baby smell...it changed me in a heartbeat.  Something inside me, that until then, I had never known existed, was born along with my baby sister.  I couldn't take my eyes off her, didn't want to leave her, would be the first to hold her, comfort her and keep her safe.  I would push her in her pram, feeling so very proud and privileged.  Her first words, first steps, her husky voice calling me Emmie, even her terrible two tantrums, I loved it all.  The years have rolled by, and we have grown into proper sisters.  I have my chance to be not just a little mother to her, but a sister and a friend, the age gap has closed and we are the same.  Deep down, I will always feel so protective of her, want to keep her safe, and see that little blonde girl with her sweet baby smiles and her arms so tight around my neck.  She was my special girl, and she still is.
Daisy and Lucy are so similar, with the same age gap, the same bond.  It's Em and Fona all over again.  They have something special that is so pure and lovely.  There really must be something about the number 10, and as I watch them in the garden, playing, laughing, cuddling, and I am reminded of two other little girls, many years ago.....


  1. Gorgeous babies and pictures!!! Which camera did you end up buying?

  2. Angie - I got the Canon EOS D550 in the end - love it! :)



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