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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Angel Face!

Living in Oz, means that I am half a world away from my family and that's something that makes me sad.  It niggles at me every day.  My sisters text me all the time (thank goodness for iPhones), which is a help, but I want to be there...I want to be creating memories with them, watching our kids grow up together and just being with them.  So that part of my life is on hold, and there is no changing that from this distance.   So I'm posting these pictures of my gorgeous Nephew, Jack.  I have never met him in real life, despite the fact that Kate and I shared the same due date and our beautiful babies were born within 6 days of eachother.  He truly has the face of an angel and is just about one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen....no surprise really, since he looks just like his Mama!

These were taken by Piers, Jacks lovely Daddy!

I LOVE you Jack Jack! xx


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