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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mt Coot-tha

A few weeks ago, we took this boy to the Botanical Gardens at Mt Coot-tha.

It was just one of those 'spur of the moment' things, and for one reason or another, only one of our seven children was available.  I can count on one hand how often David and I venture out anywhere with only one kiddo - it's pretty rare.

I wanted to see what potential this place has for family photo shoots - and turns out it has a lot.  I snapped up a few 'trials' using the models that were on hand.  I'm not saying that they were willing - but they did stand where I put them, momentarily.

I love the bamboo...

Beautiful fresh vibrant summer colours.

And nature flying, swimming crawling and slithering everywhere you look.

I stood directly beneath this big boy and did stop to wonder if he was full enough from the possum shaped bulge in his stomach, or whether he might jump down, coil his huge body around me until I suffocated and then eat me up too.  Apparently, he's just one of about 4 'regular' monster Pythons that you might bump into while wandering around the gardens.

Yes, we quite liked this place, (apart from having to have our pictures taken - smile Joey!), and I have a feeling we'll be visiting it fairly often!

Just time to stop off at the Mt Cooth-ha lookouts Summit restaurant for a spot of lunch and a quick look at Brisbane through the glass!

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