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Sunday, November 21, 2010

She's This Many.....

How can it be?  Five years have passed since we first met our little American girl.  It seems as though it was just a few weeks ago, that she was placed in my arms all swaddled up like a burrito and desperately trying to focus on me through the anti-bacterial gel that they put on babies eyes in the US.
The most unusual birth I've ever had.  The first and only epidural, and with about 10 midwives and doctors in the room at the same time - quite full on and slightly comical when I look back.   Not quite as funny though when they left me in the room alone with my newborn on the bottom of the bed, which then collapsed because it hadn't been put back together properly.  Still unable to move my legs, I just about managed to catch the edge of the blanket she was wrapped in and grab hold of my little bundle before we both went crashing to the floor....  Did I mention that it was a training hospital? ;)

But, we both lived to tell the tale...and it hasn't fazed her one bit..

Poppy, Gabs and bear-bear, still inseparable...just as they were all those years ago.  Most mornings I still find Poppy curled up in the same bed as her sister, they seem to sleep better when in each others arms, it's the sweetest thing.

This year, something a little different and quirky was called for.  We've had so many cupcakes lately and Poppy is one very original little girl...so we ditched the cutesy cakes, and went for a bizarre doughnut pyramid, complete with coloured Mermaids..  It made me chuckle as I was balancing them all, but it kinda worked I think!

Her time at Kindy is coming to an end, just a few more weeks together with her and her friends, until it's the end of another era.  Some of them will be going onto Prep together, but the rest, onto different schools...which made her party all the more important.  One of the last times outside of Kindy that we'd see them all together.  15 little princes and princess arrived...and opened presents...

and created...

They ran around like little royal loonies..

threw some moves on the dance floor...

and blew out sparkling candles on a crazy doughnut cake...

Another wonderful year has flown by watching this sweet little curly princess grow.  This special girl who probably tells me that she loves her Mama about 50 times a day.  Wishing for many more years like this, because I feel exactly the same about her.

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