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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girls can be Scary too!

Nothing gets you in the Halloween mood like hanging out with friends, sharing a few laughs and watching your little one gut the insides out of the middle of a pumpkin.   Yesterday was a day like this.  And of course, it did make a difference that my lovely friend is American, born and bred....and had all the pumpkin carving equipment....

Start off with one HUGE pumpkin... Preferably one that your Auntie has bought in town then carted all the way home on the bus, along with enmormous cushions and bagfulls of halloween sweeties - which then result in her arms being stretched so long they're almost dragging on the ground.  We love you Auntie Ginny - you are good to us!

Find one of your (many) daughters to cut the top into a lid, at an angle of course so the whole thing doesn't collapse into the middle!

And then find another one of your (many) Daughters, preferably not a squeamish one, to pull out all the pumpkin pulp and seeds!

Checking carefully that you've got every last bit out...

Of course, some of them might not be so keen to get themselves dirty, and just might need a bit of convincing.

Choosing the pattern and stenciling it on comes next.  It's a good idea to pick your more artistic Daughters for this part..

Or even your friends Daughters...

And after much eating of roasted salted pumpkin seeds, playing and creating.. 

You might end up with something like this...

Ok, it's hardly a masterpiece - but not too shabby for a first attempt! :)

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh Em.....look at those beautiful scary girls! It is good to see pictures of Miss Daisy....she is not often shown in your photos!

    She's darling!



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