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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bugs n Stuff!

 HOW small??

We think, although we can't be sure, that this little fella is probably the smallest snail in the world...

Look how tiny, next to Joey's hand.  I will admit, he has quite podgy little fingers, but he is only 8.

Poppy held 'Felicia'  for most of the afternoon.  She talked the snail talk to her, even made her a teeny little snail bed of leaves, and sang her a lullaby. 

Mmmm, all very nice, until.....HORROR of arachnophobe horrors - we found this freak of nature, swinging from tree to tree.  I swear, I could even hear it beating it's chest!  Ugh!

I do apologise to all 7 legged Huntsman lovers, but I am not one and this was as close as I was prepared to get to one - with my telescopic lens, telescoped to the max!  Shiver, shiver, shiver!

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