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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Popping and Jumping!


Popcorn - food of the Gods.  That's what I used to think as a little girl, and I still do.  Katie and I would sit with big wooden bowls full of the hot, salty buttery goodness on our laps as we watched our very favourite series, 'Little House on the Prairie'.  Back then, we thought of it as some sort of gourmet luxury, in the same category as truffles and Samphire, (a delicious wild edible seaweed, that grows on estuarine mudflats in Norfolk) .  Kind of odd when you think that our 'basic' diet consisted of the green sea-salty Samphire (when in season), peanuts, all raw vegetables including avocados, globe artichokes, and whole lemons.  
I often wonder, had I been born ten years later along with my little Sis, Fiona, whether I would have had her very different but just as bizarre eating habits. No fruit or veg for her as far as I remember.  Just  bucket-loads of bacon, pizza base with only cheese on top, turkey burgers and taramasalata dipped chip-sticks.  Her friends used to stare in disbelief as they were offered pink coloured fish-egg dip with vinegar flavoured  chip-sticks as a yummy snack!   This though, is the girl whos best friends were Sadie the Dog, and Henrietta the Sheep, who thought she was a dog.  The girl who, aged 7 decided to 'run away to live with the horses' and was found miles from home, with half a loaf of bread wrapped up in a spotted hanky, hanging on the end of a long stick, slung over her shoulder.  I think that years Panto, must have been Dick Whittington.  Yep, another odd one for sure, but I think life's more fun that way!  And speaking of slighty kooky, here's another one...

Not only does she do a very good visual impression of her Mama, but 'Little Em' also seems to take after me in the popcorn department.  It doesn't come from David, who tells me that he can't stand the stuff.  I have noticed though, that he manages to polish of half a ginormous boxful of those 'polystyrene balls' when at the Cinema.  Bit weird that, but I guess eating popcorn must be compulsory while watching a movie.  


We've owned a trampoline, on and off, for the last 7yrs, but I did wonder when this one arrived just under a year ago, if it would get much use.  It was so hot and the pool was the place to be...but during the Aussie Winter months, it's been an absolute god-send.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were little round worn away jumped on patches on it.  Whenever I can't find the kids....this is where they are....

Hehee, Little Minx!!

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