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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tick Tock

Is it possible that this tiny little thing is now 14 months old. Surely she can't be already. I am barely able to keep track of the months as they flip by. Such a busy little lady she is too. Not for a second, can I turn my back before she's found some mischief to delve right into. Amazingly steady on her legs now, having had months to master this skill. She runs, jumps, dances and twirls with the best of them, constantly on the go. New words are learnt every day. Words that I had no idea she knew, like little surprises when you least expect them! 'Careful' was today's new one, said shyly to me, as she stood up on my bed. It made me smile, I guess it's one that she hears a lot from this Mama!
How I love this little girl with the serious expressions, so often a mirror of my own. Time ticks on, but I'm determined not to miss a moment of it.
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