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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pillowcase dresses and sunny days

We have had So much fun over the last few weeks, in the garden. Lucy took her first steps at 10mths and walked consistently from 11 months, and has so much fun toddling around barefoot (for the most part) and exploring her ever expanding world.
Our lovely Auntie Ginny made the girls these sweet little pillowcase dresses, after I found a few on a website and fell in love with them. No probs, she said, I can do that. And so she did. I think the girls look absolutely adorable in them and they are perfect in this Aussie weather.
We are approaching winter, would you believe it, and this is what the girls still wear. I'm loving this weather, it's like the perfect English summer day every day - slightly crisp in the very early hours of the morning and sunny and balmy during the day, it's heaven on a stick! We only get a few months of this perfection a year, so I'm planning on making the most of it.
I'm pretty happy right now. The house is almost organized at last, after a year, and now that we have it the way that we want it, it's just the usual ongoing challenge to keep it tidy. Not such an easy task with 9 people living here, but we like to try (or some of us do, heehee).
I mustn't linger though, I have a lasagne to make and the last few hours of the afternoon to enjoy.

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