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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Little Clown!

She is on the same path as her funny sister, but Lucy is a comedienne, a performer and a little clown.  She plays to her audience and if nobody is watching, that's fine - she just cracks herself up instead!  Even eating a snack seems to be a hilarious business, in Miss Lucy Woods world.   Stuffing her beloved grapes into her mouth, as the juice runs down her arms, and showing her hippo smile, which as you can see is quite something!

She's so full of cold this week, and even eating creates challenges. Not easy to breathe when your remaining airway is full of grapes and brownies...but nothing gets this girlie down for long..and she's happiest of all when she's making everyone else laugh.  She doesn't have to try, she's just naturally sunny and bright and my little surprise cherry on top of my family cake!

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