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Monday, May 3, 2010

Lucys 1st Birthday

I'm late posting this, it was such a bittersweet day the day that our last little baby turned one.  I don't remember ever being so emotional about a date before, but my head was all over the place as I tried to savour each tiny second.   We ended up having two celebrations.  A few presents and a little tea to mark the day on Thursday 8th April, and then a party in the park on Sat 10th with all of us and a few good friends.  Apart from 'new toys' to play with, which was met with a lot of 'dooer' and 'dats' (not really sure what this means, but it's what she says when she points to items), I don't think Lucy was aware of anything much, other then lots of extra cuddles and kisses and attention.  Which is exactly as it should be.  The party was sweet.  A castle piñata, cupcakes with sprinkles, and a beautiful hot sunny day made it fun for all who came to celebrate and when the day was over, there were a lot of very tired little heads on pillows.  

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