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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fresh Start

I'm beginning a new blog for the Wood Family, for a few reasons. I want a fresh start, and this blog is only for very important, select family and friends who we care about and who care about us.

It's been an interesting, exciting, scary, fun, stressful, sad, and different year for us. We left the UK, moved to Australia, became pregnant, David started new job, kids new schools and moved into our rented house. All a lot to take in and a lot to cope with. But, despite it all, I'm very proud of my family - we've struggled through the hard times and laughed with the good times and although we're all still finding our feet and finding it hard to be away from our families, we've overcome most obstacles.

Poppy has started Ballet, and loves it. She'd been on the waiting list for a few months and spoke of nothing else, and is over the moon that she gets to do her dancing each week. There is a window in her dance studio, that looks like a mirror on the inside, but for us Mums, on the outside, it's a window - it's such fun to watch the little ones without them knowing.
The baby news is pretty positive. A few weeks ago we found out that baby number 7, Lucy had a hole in her heart, and a few scans down the line, it was discovered that she actually has two holes. Both are pretty small though and not causing her any problems while she's still inside. We wont know how she copes with them until after she's born, but the cardiologist is pretty hopeful that she wont have any problems and that eventually the holes will close. They will scan her heart a few weeks after she's born to have a look and see if there has been any change and reassess the situation. Meanwhile, I'm getting bigger and bigger and really looking forward to seeing her on the outside.

David is in the midst of his Qantas training. He's learnt how to be a good Air Steward, and now is onto the learning to fly the plane part. It's been a lot of theory, learning and exams and I've been lucky to have him home most weekends, although that probably will change soon.

The kids are all fine. Barnaby has decided to apply for a university for students wanting to join the RAAF, he's realised that it's what he wants to do, and he has an interview with them in a few weeks in Brisbane. He's also learning to drive, and is busy working with his part time job at our largest local supermarket, Coles.

Gabrielle is a social butterfly, enjoying school with lots of friends that she sees after school and weekends too. Lots of sleepovers, party's and dances. She is almost as tall as Barnaby and looking more gorgeous everyday.

Daisy is loving her school, has started Jazz classes, and is on the school Netball team. She's really embraced living out here and has discovered that she's also a pretty good swimmer.

Joey is struggling at school a bit, he's finding it hard to stay interested in it but has improved over the last week. He's such a homeboy, and has his odd ways about him, but is so loving and sweet. His swimming is crazy right now, he spends so much time in the pool and can even do back flips off the side.

Libby is really enjoying her catering course at school, she gets to wear a chefs uniform and thinks she's very grown up. This is her last year at school, after that she will be looking to find a job and start immersing herself into the 'real world' - scary!!!

So...that's pretty much it for now. I will continue to keep you all updated, and I hope you enjoy reading our blog.


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